Laminate Basics

Discover Laminate Flooring

Discover Laminate Flooring

Inspired by nature, laminate is not merely a substitute for hardwood or tile flooring. Yes, it can look like natural wood or stone, but it also has many unique benefits of its own that set it apart.

Laminate flooring is far more affordable than most other floorcovering options. It is also known for its versatility, able to artfully mimic the look and feel of practically any material without an increase in cost.

Laminate is finished to resist scratches, wear, fading and stains, and its smooth surface makes cleaning easy.

You can also save money on the cost of installation – laminate flooring is a great DIY project. It simply locks into place, in many cases without the need for adhesive.

Different Types of Laminate Flooring

Once you selected laminate flooring as your option it will be installed in one of these 4 forms:

  • Glueless-Click: Easy-to-install, click-lock laminate is the most common type, and requires no glue. Padding and underlayment is usually needed to provide cushion and protection.
  • Attached Underlay: These floors come with several different types of tongue and grooved locking systems and an attached underlayment to reduce noise levels. That’s good to know.
  • Glued Laminate: Glued laminate requires glue to adhere the joints together, requiring extra time and cost. This makes for a very strong floor, however.
  • Pre-Glued: This type comes with an adhesive already applied to the joints that must simply be activated with moisture to join together.

Explore Various Laminate Styles

Find the specific look to match your unique style and taste.

  • Wood Look: Available in textures ranging from smooth to embossed to hand-scraped.
  • Stone Look: Rich color, dimensional depth, ridges and variation all mimic real stone.
  • Tile Look: Avoid the cost of ceramic tile, but maintain its natural beauty and add durability.
  • Other Look: Laminate options are unlimited! It can be printed to look like just about any material.

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