Laminate Installation

What To Expect

What To Expect

One of laminate flooring’s biggest perks – it’s super easy to install. Laminate lays, or floats, over existing floors, saving you time and money and eliminating the need for special tools. We still recommend a professional team for best results, but of all the flooring types, laminate makes for the best DIY project. Check out our guide before you get started!

Before Tackling A DIY Laminate Flooring Project

Take the following tips into account before tackling your laminate installation project:

  • Store your laminate in the room in which it’ll be installed to allow it to acclimate to the normal climate of your space for at least 48 hours before installing.
  • Allow small gaps around the perimeter of the room and around permanent objects such as columns. Your laminate will likely expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity over time.
  • Read and follow instructions to know what type of locking system your flooring uses and what the recommended room size specifications are.
  • For natural-looking floors, install planks along the longest wall or perpendicular to main windows.
  • Make your subfloors as clean as possible before installation to make sure it’s flat. This will prevent damage to your floors later on.
  • Consult your manufacturer’s recommendations for underlayment, which will act as a moisture barrier.

If you still aren’t sure about one or more of our tips, contact us to make sure your flooring project goes smoothly!

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