Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

The Simplicity of Cleaning LVT

The Simplicity of Cleaning LVT

Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance

If you remember just a few easy maintenance steps, you’ll be able to keep your luxury vinyl tile (LVT) clean and looking brand new!

Basic Care Tips

LVT is extremely durable, waterproof, and resistant to wear. Use a soft bristle broom or the hard floor attachment of your vacuum to remove loose dust, dirt and debris. Avoid hard cleaning implements, which could potentially scratch the surface of your floors.

Harsh cleaning chemicals should also be avoided – only use recommended solution designed for vinyl flooring. Use a damp, but not soaked, mop, and don’t leave moisture sitting on your floors for too long. Clean spills immediately after they happen.

Never push, pull or drag heavy furniture or appliances across your luxury vinyl, always lift and carry instead. These should also be equipped with floor protectors on the feet.