Tile Installation

Know what to expect

Know what to expect

Installing tile can be messy, and it’s a lengthy process compared to other types of flooring. You need a perfectly level and undamaged subfloor to prevent variations in tile height. For these reasons, cutting and installing tile is best left to one of our professional installation experts.

What to expect from the tile installation process

The first step is to arrange a consultation to measure each room and determine the amount of product needed. It’s important to purchase about 10% more tiles than you think you’ll need to allow for the occasional broken or chipped tile in the box as well as jobsite tiles that need to be cut to fit in corners and around perimeters.

Depending on the condition of your subfloors, they may need to be cleaned or repaired before laying tile. Mortar is spread to set each tile in place, and grout is used to finish the job. The installation crew will need access to another area of your home or an outdoor area to cut and trim tile while the job is in progress.

Allow your new tile at least 48 hours to dry and cure, so be sure to plan ahead!

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